Saturday, March 07, 2009

Gettin' 'er done

Do you ever have one of those days where you get in a groove and you're UNSTOPPABLE??

Yeah, that was me today.

I caught up on a weeks worth of laundry including washing all the sheets, went grocery shopping, played OUTSIDE with the boy for an hour (ohmygawd it's so nice to play OUTSIDE again!!), watched Madagascar 2, made dinner, serged a bunch of cloth diaper wipes, and here I am blogging at a decent hour. Go me!

And where, you may ask, was my husband during all of this? Poor Steve spent the day recovering from a near knock-out head-butt that he received from Griffin this morning. Some morning fun of horsing around on the bed turned nasty when Griffin threw his little self onto the bed with not a care in the world as to where he was landing. His head made a perfect connection with Steve's face, and Steve is now sporting a very swollen lip, along with a loose tooth and a chunk of skin missing from the inside of his lip. Being "care free" has it's disadvantages some days!

And now, once story time is done in the other room, we're going to crawl into bed with this weeks Lost, and turn the lights out early. I love having productive days like this!

How was your day?


Mom said...

You go girl!

Regina said...

I love days like that - unfortunately this weekend was not to be like that - we just could not get in the groove.

And OW on the head butt.... those little heads are HARD!!!

Jonny's Mommy said...

I haven't had one of those days for awhile.

As for Steve...those kids can really cause some serious damage. Jonathan split my lip one time too. Nowhere near as bad as Steve though. I totally think he needs to tell everyone that he got into some crazy bar fight the other night. :-)

gretel said...

ow, ow, ow! Poor Steve - good thing it was a productive day...considering you ended up on your own while he recovered!