Thursday, March 05, 2009

Just your average country Tuesday night....

So last night, our redneck neighbours really outdid themselves.

At 2am, I am awoken by someone POUNDING on my backdoor. Rather, I am awoken by the dog going apeshit crazy because someone is POUNDING on my backdoor. Pounding, in the middle of the pitch dark night. In the middle of the pitch dark night, while my husband is out of town.


It's one of my neighbours, whom I've never actually met. (Helluva way to meet the neighbours!) He was in obvious distress.

To make a looooong story short, lets just say this:

Domestic disturbance.

I'm pretty sure that's what the cops call it. In fact I'm positive, because the cop who was standing in my kitchen by the time 2:30am rolled around called it exactly that.

I learned WAY more than one ought to learn about one's neighbours last night. And I learned it all at at fairly ungodly hour! Thankfully, Griffin slept through the whole loud talking mess...that is until I FINALLY snuggled back into bed after a cup of tea, which I got up to consume at 4am after an hour of tossing and turning. It was at the exact moment that I pulled the covers to my neck and let out a long exhale that my son choose to start calling my name.

Impeccable timing.

But now, my husband has THANKFULLY returned to the homestead, I have a nice cold Guinness in my hands, and I am going to set myself in a horizontal position for a little date with Jack Bauer, and a long, (please please god) uninterrupted sleep.

Never a dull moment here, folks!


Ms. Julia Hale said...

Domestic Disturbance - with the MAN pounding on your door. Did his wife have a shotgun? That I would have liked to see.

Gretel said...

not pretty. I'm sorry you were alone for that one. I can't believe G slept through that - but I TOTALLY believe that he woke up just when it was least opportune!