Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Happy Half-Birthday!

Dear Griffin,

Today, it’s official. You are 2. And a half!

In honour of your half birthday, I decided to compile a little list of my favourite things about you. You are SO MUCH FUN right now, and I want us all to remember the adorable little things you do!

So here's my list:

You know the FBI warnings that come at the beginning of movies? Don’t copy this, piracy is a crime, all that yadda yadda? You refer to that as the “Blah Blah.” “Hey Mommy, dats da blah blah!” I love it!

I love that you have a little bit of OCD in you. Your hands must be clean, and having food on them is unacceptable. Your pant legs may not ride up your legs. Your socks may not be falling half off. It’s adorable!

I love that you know north, east, south and west, and I think it’s hilarious that every time you get in the car you say “I want to go eat Mommy.” Eat as in east. What’s so great about east, I’m not sure, but you ALWAYS want to go that way!

I love that you and Dudley are such good buddies.

I love that your dad is turning you into a little film buff. You’ve seen more movies than most adults I know, and I kind of think that’s pretty cool.

I love that your dad has taught you the word gorgeous, and I love that your favourite sentence to use it in is “Mommy, you GORGEOUS!” That little sentence will work for a long time to get you just about anything you want!

I love how caring you are, and how concerned for all of us you are. If ever someone bumps themselves (or even sneezes!) you’re the first one to inquire if we’re ok.

I love that you’ve taken a keen interest in each of Mommy and Daddy’s favourite things – you love to cook, and you love getting up at my sewing machine and pretending to sew. (You always seem to want to make snowmen…I have no idea where that comes from, but it’s totally cute!)

I love how much you love your Oma, your Grandpa and Grandpa, and your Uncle Paul.

I love that you can put a few green lego blocks together with a few more yellow ones and see butterflies.

I love love LOVE that you are such a snuggle-bug. You love to curl up in bed with either of us, and you throw your arms around us like you might never let go. It’s awesome!

I love that your 2 favourite musical groups are Louis Prima and the Beatles.

I love that you are so carefree, and without fear. When we play, you throw yourself around like a kid who knows he’s safe and that someone will always be there to catch him. Sometimes you scare the pants off of us, but I love that you trust us so much.

I love how chill you generally are. You are one of the most easy-going kids I know. You accept what you are told, and rarely push back with a fight. Unless you’re tired….then all bets are off!

And lastly but not leastly, I ADORE the fact that after 30 months on this planet, you have FINALLY decided that it is OK to actually sleep through the ENTIRE NIGHT. (OK, not evey night, but most of them.) Dude, it’s awesome! (And dude, what took you so long???)

(I had a few more of these in my head, but due to last nights Attack of the Rednecks (more later) some of them seem to have dissapeared out of my brain. Look for additions after I get a decent night's sleep!)

I love you to pieces, little man! Happy half birthday, we look forward to the next few months and getting out to explore the OUTSIDE world with you again!


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David D. said...

Jenn, you're going to have to write faster--I want to hear about the Attack of the Rednecks!