Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Perfectly Perfect Saturday

Despite the fact that the weatherman lied (it was supposed to be 25 degrees and sunny, it was 15 degrees and sunny, but with a wicked wind followed by an afternoon of rain and an impressive thunderstorm) we had a great day.

We started out the day with morning coffee on the porch. You know it's REALLY spring when you can have your coffee on the porch! Heaven!
Then we toddled off to Everdale for Seedy Saturday. We saw some sheep, dug in the sand, and picked out some beautiful tomatoes and some excellent herbage.
All the aforementioned plants are now hanging out in the spare bedroom, keeping an eye on the neighbours and their shifty goings-on.
When my seeds arrive this week, I hope to add to this little collection of greenery growing in my window, and will NOT make the mistake that we made last year - getting too eager and planting before the last frost and having to call out the pillowcase brigade. Nope, these little guys will stay indoors, right next to the watering can that I stole borrowed from my son, until any and all danger of frost has passed.
Hope your Saturday was just as lovely!

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Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

Love that photo of Steve and Griffin! Looks like a great day! We had a good weekend with lots of sun and warm weather. I would have taken it a little cooler, but hey, it wasn't snowing at least!