Friday, May 22, 2009

Ah, holidays!

Well, we've had a very productive week here. It's maybe been a bit more productive in the "relaxing" department than the "doing stuff" department, but that's what holidays are for, right?

We spent Sunday and Monday in London for a family gathering, and got to spend some quality niece and nephew time...sweet!
The garden is tilled and raked and ready for planting, and the plants are on standby, and every fibre of my being wants to put them in the garden, but I am SO afraid of loosing everything to the frost like last year, that I'm holding off for a little while longer until after the full moon in a few weeks. I may sow some of the hardier seeds, put the potatoes in the ground and all that, but the tender little heirloom tomato seedlings that have only recently sprouted are going to have to wait until I'm certain they're not going to die a frosty death.

Yesterday we worked very hard at the relaxing, and Mom and I spent the day shopping and hanging out with Griffin. We all got some sun, and spent some excellent time in the "Super Park," and Mom has been playing her roll of the Laundry Fairy to the max! Most excellent.

I am VERY excited about today, as today is "Take Back the Greenhouse" day. We're taking 3 years worth of crap away from here, and I'm starting the process of turning the greenhouse BACK into a greenhouse! One that you can grow plants in! It's going to involve some minor renovations, but once it's back to greenhouse it's going to be wickedly wonderful! I have high hopes of extending our growing season by a month or so on either end, and since we're going to cut the size of it in half, it may be feasible to pump some extra heat into it when needed.

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Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time, hon!