Monday, September 14, 2009

Happiness: Just Stuff

-I am about to crawl into bed with a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream and a new book. Happy.

-The weather at this time of year - sweatshirt in the morning weather. Not to sweaty in the afternoon weather. Slippers weather. Cool breeze at night weather. Happy weather.

-My husband is home. He made me dinner. He put the kid to bed. Happy Happy.

-Tomorrow is my birthday. No special plans, and that's OK. Happy.

-The "whoosh whoosh whoosh" of little Cheeseball's heartbeat that we heard at our midwife appointment this afternoon. Whooshappy.

It's fun being so gosh darn happy!


Ms. Julia Hale said...

Happy Birthday! What a lot of happy to celebrate with!

Gretel said...

I love you Jenn! I'm glad it's going to be such a HAPPY birthday for you!

Bluebirdbaby said...

Happy Birthday! Yay! I'm on the's a big birthday month for us :) I hope you enjoyed your day!!