Monday, September 14, 2009

Happiness: Weekend

We've had a lot of fun and happiness here this weekend, we've just been too busy to sit and write about it!

On Satuday, faced with a hyper toddler and a (seemingly) foggy day, we packed up and headed into the city to the Cabbagetown Arts Festival. We went and checked out all the animals at Riverdale farm, and had a visit with Gretel and her new and improved FancyPantsKids setup. Griffin fell head over heels in love with Gretel's Dragon Tails, and proceeded to dance around the festival for a few hours sporting his green tail, and roaring at people.
The day turned out to be not foggy at all, but sunny, beautiful and HOT! We had a great time (in the 3 hours that our parking metre allowed us) and then headed home again.

On Sunday morning, Griffin and I decided that the contents of the fridge were boring, and headed out for breakfast.
We then came home and decided to check on the progress of the garden (despite being already dressed for Sunday dinner.) We found our potato plants ready to dig up, so dig we did. As I was digging, I suddenly found myself with a hand full of this, when I was expecting potatoes:

He scared the bejezus out of me! (Not that I'm scared of frogs, but when you're expecting potatoes and you come up with a hand full of frog, you can see how I could have been slightly terrified!)

I pulled up a TON of potatoes, one of the 8 heirloom varieties I planted! Methinks I'm going to have to read up on cellaring potatoes! Anyone have any tips?And while you're at it, how about zucchini recipes?
Hope your weekend was as fun and exciting!


gretel said...

That be a toad...not a frog, country girl!

G looks great in the dragontail. Those little short ones sold well last weekend! Thanks for coming by! If any of your followers are interested in dragontails for their own beasties - visit my website -

Kater said...

I purée extra Zuke and put it into my baking - banana bread and oatmeal cookies carry it well. Or into a curry or meatloaf. Extra veg! Purée the frog while you're at it.

Nancy said...

I would enter the HUGE zuke in a fall fair in the biggest zuchinni category! Happy baking and cellaring with your harvest bounty.