Friday, October 16, 2009

Caution: Floor Unstable

I never had this feeling the first time around. But now, in this second pregnancy, some days I feel like all those muscles hanging around my pelvic floor just aren't up for the challenge this time around. Some days I'm walking around and feel like if I'm not careful, a baby just may fall out of me. My lower parts feel rickety - picture walking in an old barn with an old barnboard floor - you just never know when one of those suckers may give in. Yep, that's how things feel down there these days. Do they make fall arrest systems for uteruses? (And what the heck is the plural of uterus anyway? Uteri?) Anyway, they should.

The midwife who poked and prodded me the other day thinks Cheeseball is head down. And I would tend to agree, because it kind of feels like I'm walking around with a small watermelon between my legs. A watermelon that just may come crashing to the floor any second, which is why I sit as much as possible. Or stand with my legs crossed. Or even better, lay down. With pie.

11 more weeks, eh? I'm too certain how I feel about that. Considering that just about EVERYTHING, from mac and cheese to organic Green and Blacks chocolate is giving me heartburn now, I really don't see why we should carry on this charade that much longer. Well, except for the baby's sake...I suppose it really is about the baby now, isn't it. Damn...when did it stop being all about me?



Laura Lee said...

Silly, it IS about you... and your impending watermelon! he would be nothing without you... hee hee

hang in there!! Could this be the first direct blog baby? surely not. But it will be for me!! Besides Ms Moon's grandchild. Cool!!

Kater said...


Lie down as much as you like. You lose less pie that way.


Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I felt so much like that with Jonathan. I seriously thought at times he might fall right out! If you really think so there are things they can do to keep it "all closed" until the baby is ready, of course.