Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Growing Up

Can I tell you something? Something I almost can't believe? (Something that I'm a little afraid to even mention for fear of jinxing it?)

After 3 years and one month on this planet, my son, my beautiful mischievous charming son has finally found it within himself, to fall asleep all on his own. Nobody snuggling next to him until he's sound asleep. He just does it. We read 3 books. We snuggle for 10 minutes or so, and talk about our respective days. And then I kiss him and squeeze him tight, say goodnight, tell him I love him one more time ("I wuv you too Mommy") and away I go.

And he falls asleep. Just like that.

Some part of me knew this day would come. A tiny part of me thought it never would. A big part of me really hoped it came before I had two munchkins to put to bed at night.

And here we are.

Tonight, he even ASKED to go to bed. It was 6:45. He said "it's your turn, Mommy?" (Daddy and I take turns putting him to bed.) I said yes, but told him he had about a half an hour to play with his toys before it was bed time. "No, I wanna go bed now."


And off we went.

I'm so proud of the little turkey for finally figuring this out. For getting past whatever it was that made him hold onto us so tightly until he just couldn't keep his eyes open any longer. At the same time, I'm a little baby is growing up, right before my eyes.

But, just in time to be the best big brother a little cheeseball ever had!


Laura Lee said...

that is so sweet.

Ms. Julia Hale said...

Wow! Congratulations! And just when I needed a little light at the end of the tunnel myself. Just two years and 3 months to go....

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

That is great! Congrats!