Sunday, November 22, 2009

Danger: Pissy

(My friend Lindsay used to have a little road cone with the above written on it. She'd place it at the corner of her work table when she was in a crabby mood, so as to warn all those who dared enter her work area. Smart girl, that Lindsay! I think I needed a road cone of my own today.)

Do you ever have those days when you realize, maybe too late, that you shouldn't be out in public, because everything, and everybody is pissing you off? That you should have just stayed home?

After a decent day, and a decent nap, Griffin and I headed out to go grocery shopping. It seems to me that the grocery store is often where these moods strike me. Or maybe it's where stupid people congregate on weekends.

There's the people who think the "No Parking - Fire Route" does NOT apply to them, and they sit and block one of the two lanes of traffic, keeping anyone from moving around easily in the parking lot.

There are the folks that are sitting in the parking lot with their cars running, waiting for someone. Idling away, likely with the heat on, while it's 15 degrees outside, and I have to walk through their nasty exhaust to get into the store.

There are the toddlers, who don't want to sit in the cart, and who's coat has to go on the second level of the cart not the first, and IMGOINGTOSCREAMBLOODYMURDERTILLYOUTAKEMYBOOTSOFF, and I need this, this, this, grabbing everything they can reach. And when you try to discipline them, quietly, so as not to attract attention? CRYINGCRYINGCRYING! IWANTDADDY!!!

There's the people who leave their carts in the middle of the aisle while they wander aimlessly, so I can't get by.

There's the grocery packer, who's shift ends just as you pull up to the lane, and you get to pack your own groceries. There's the dumbass who puts the bread at the bottom of the bag, and comes home hours later to find a fresh loaf of flattened bread at the bottom of the bag.

(That's me...I'm the dumbass.)

I was glad to get home. And will remember this in the future...

Feeling cranky? Toddler on shaky ground? Stay AWAY from the grocery store!!


Lara said...

The grocery store with kids at the end of the day, especially with no back up parent, seems to be a recipe for hell. And I've learned our grocery store no longer ever packs your bags for you - even if you have one howling babe in arms and one howling babe trying to arch his way out of a grocery cart. Now I'm feeling pissy just remembering going to the grocery store by myself at the end of the day ;)

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Grocery store visits never end well for me it seems. either my kid is running through the aisles like the place is a playground, the cashier is grumpy, or there is some huffy woman behind me sighing a lot because I won't get out of her way while I wander aimlessly with my cart sitting in the middle of the aisle.

Wait. Was that you?

Laura Lee said...

hahahahaha!!!! isn't it fun to laugh about it later? oh wait, is it later yet?? oops... I hope so =0)

Kendra said...

Clearly, you and I needed to combine forces this week, 'cause singly "we is a whole lotta' no good!" Wish you were closer, love to you!