Friday, March 26, 2010


Once again, our house is in a state of chaos.

Since we've decided to stay here in the blue house (more on that later) we've also decided to go ahead with some improvements we've been meaning to do around here.

Improvement #1 - Carpet the basement. This happens on Monday.

The biggest, most excitingest part of this endeavor, is that we'll be turning the room formerly known as my sewing room into a playroom for the boys.

Getting to create a playroom from scratch? TOTALLY. AWESOME!

I'll do some before and after pictures, but in the mean time, here's a little peek at our inspiration for our new room:Source

How freaking cool is that? I'm so totally excited! Stay tuned!


oma said...


Lara said...

So fun! I love our playroom - it's SO nice to have!

Kater said...

But where will you SEW???

Anonymous said...

dont forget to fix the upstairs tap