Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fame at Last

Corben's first TV appearance happened today! By complete accident we were in the same place as a CBC camera crew doing a story about breastfeeding. The entire news reel is here, the story comes in at about 12:30 if you want to take a peek! (The cuteness that is Corben appears for a brief second around 13:45....not nearly long enough if you ask me!)

And why were we hanging out in downtown Toronto at a Breastfeeding Boutique..well, that my friends is a story for later this week...a revelation of epic proportions, to say the least! Stay tuned!


Kater said...

Totally super cute! Corben is a natural on camera. As for the newsreel, I thought it was hysterical how concerned they were for the small percentage of women who don't exclusively bfeed at 6 months...isn't that when most medical doctors push mothers to start solids? Duh.
-proud bfeeder for 14 mos (first kid) and going strong for 10 mos so far (second kid).

Lara said...

That's what I was thinking! Are they saying they aren't exclusively breastfed because of solids or they are getting breast milk and formula? I know you probably can't answer this question, but it bugged me! ;)

Corben was the star :)

Leah said...

I thought that was you! Congrats on Corben already being a star!