Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Takin' care of Business (Part One)

OK friends, we have some bidnez to take care of here. Lots of it.

Business (or bidnez if you're from the streets, yo) part one is this:



Remember, like, WEEKS ago, when we had that party here? And we promised you a cape from Fancy Pants Kids? (Well, we promised ONE of you one.)

Well, here it is.

#29 is Maria, AKA Navy Bride from From Both Sides of the White Picket Fence! Yay, Maria!

Maria has the cutest little girl, who I think is just about the perfect size for her very first super cape!

Maria, if you'd like to visit Fancy Pants Kids, and let me know your colour choice, and then email me your choice along with your address, we'll get that cape shipped out to you smart-quick like!

And that, my friends, is Business Part One.


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