Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5 Years on the Roof

Last week, a little anniversary slipped by quietly. When I realized (today) that it had slipped by unnoticed, I got upset with myself, and so decided to commemorate it here in a big way.

Peeps, 5 years ago this week, Steve and I moved to the Roof.

We moved into this very house that we still live in today. The house was in great shape when we moved in, the only thing it needed was a paint job.

But woah, what a paint job it was.

We put out the call - Painters needed. Will trade painting for food and alcohol. Not surprisingly, they came in droves. (Provided a drove is 5 people.) Annnd...we got to work.

We have high ceilings, which means lots of wall, which means lots of paint. See?So we painted the walls. And then we tackled the kitchen.

Oh, the kitchen. This is what the kitchen looked like when we started it:We decided to paint the cabinets. And paint them we did. We took off all the doors, and painted them, and then moved them to another part of the house were there was no painting going on. And the next day we did the same thing. And the next. And the next. We painted and moved those cabinet doors SIX TIMES, Y'ALL. Six coats of paint, both sides.

Here they are in the basement:And in the dining room:And in the master bedroom:They spent a day on the porch too, but I think by that time we had got tired of taking pictures of the damn things.There were lots of people standing on counters in our kitchen that week.But every last coat of paint was worth it. Bye bye country blue kitchen, and hello Butter Yellow:We spent a lot of that week on the porch. Daytime, night time, sunny weather, chilly weather, the wrap around porch never got so much use as it that one week.
We had a lot of laughs. (We also had a lot of gin, which may explain some of the laughs.)

There might have been some peek-a-boo in the grass (can you spot the hidden Lindsey?)
Blood, sweat, and tears (of laughter.) Yup, a bit of blood. Doug shot himself with the nail gun. (Thank me now for sparing you the picture.) There was also a few fatalities:
She looks nice and all, but she kills a mean fly!
And what's a party without bacon? (Not a party at all.)
We came up here with as little as possible that week, not wanting to be tripping over furniture and boxes the entire time. (Little did we know we'd be tripping over cabinet doors all freaking week!) We slept on air mattresses on the floor drank out of plastic cups, ate off of paper plates, and I've never had so much fun painting in my life. (OK...truth be told, I did very little painting. I was on Team Basement, which was putting in a sub floor, framing and insulating the basement, and shooting Doug in the hand with nail guns. Yes folks, on top of my supreme pickling skills, and my title as reigning queen of Laundry, I am more than a little proficient with power tools.)

5 years later the porch is just as lovely, and the sunsets are just as breathtaking. And the kitchen cabinets? Well...they could use a bit of touch up. Anyone up for a painting party?

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