Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Guest!

Today's post comes from my in real life friend Kristen. Kristen is actually the sister of one of my best friends, and we've stolen her 10 year old son and taken him to the cottage with us. Which is how she had time to sit around and drink wine on the dock and write blog posts for me! (Kidding...she actually wrote this a few weeks ago.) I've loved watching Liam grow, because it gives me a look into the future and what my boys will be like in a few years...not to mention piles of awesome hand-me-downs!

* * * * *

Here are a few things that my 10 year old son has taught me:

My son has taught me to count the blessings we have. My husband has been working away from home for several months. My son is lonely and sad at times. And yet he is overwhelmingly joyful and happy 99% of the time. He is thankful for a warm rock to lie on after a swim, for a playdate with a friend, for ice cream and for the animals that live in our home. He is not counting down the days until his Daddy returns, or sulking in the tub with a glass of red wine. Nope, he's just out in the universe embracing all it's wonders. Amazing.

My son has taught me to be open to and present in relationships. My son loves deeply and cuddles tightly and smiles with real warmth at the people who surround us. Whether it's his grandparents, his friends or his teachers, he meets them all with the same enthusiasm. He loves to hang out with my best friend because she feeds him breakfast for dinner. He is content to sit beside his little cousin and watch Toupie and Binoo for the 10th time. He just figures that they love him, he loves them and so it's all good. No complications, just genuine love. Amazing.

Being the Mommy to a 10 year old is just amazing!

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Kendra said...

He's taught me this week that boys smell, are fun to tickle and should always be given slingshots in the country! Auntie