Friday, August 27, 2010

A Guest!

Today's post comes to you from a fellow Jen, at Jen and Joey Go Green. Jen is a fellow Canadian who writes about their journey to Go Green. She's got a great site, please take a moment to go visit!

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I have been camping since I was 6 months old. I honestly believe that this played a big role into who I am today and why the environment is such a huge part of my life.I am camping right now actually. Today I did a lot of thinking about what I would write in this post. As I was going for a long walk with my son on my back I reflected on what it is love about camping.

SMORES. Seriously what is camping without smores??? A waste of time in my books!I also love being out in nature. To me camping has a smell, it has a sound. I grew up camping. Every summer I would spend at least half of it under a tent. I learned about conservation, endangered species, wildlife, and astronomy. I learned to love more than just smores.

As I sit here by the fire listening to the sounds of the bugs and birds I can't help but think about how camping can help you get back to the basics and reconnect with nature. Hell a raccoon just stole all of our marshmallows (no more smores for this girl) you don't get much closer to nature than that!

I think that camping is a great activity to do with your kids. It helps them to appreciate nature. So maybe just maybe they will be less likely to destroy it. I have such fond memories of camping as a kid. I remember when it poured and we would all sit in the dining shelter playing games. Or when I was in my tent changing and a bee stung my armpit. It swelled to a bajillion times its size to the point that it was like a third boob. Yah everyone thought it was funny. IT WAS NOT FUNNY.

I do hope that by bringing B camping so early in life that he appreciates nature as much as I do. I hope it creates positive memories for him. I hope he loves smores. Seriously, if he doesn't I may just have to sell him to some gypsies.

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